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RCI Weeks Platinum Offers Premium Benefits

RCI Platinum” membership will provide various opportunities to upgrade rooms for accessing exclusive ‘first look’ to acquire rebates and holiday inventory for different types of RCI transactions. In addition, members of RCI are able to prefer different types of discounts offers at various golf courses and ski destinations athwart North America. RCI resort offers are very beneficial for people because it is also providing various restaurant discounts and ideal pricing, advance acquire and constitutional rights for selecting theatres and city’s destination attractions.

After successfully completed debut of Platinum membership of RCI Points ranked last year, they are trying to expand these terrific programs for their RCI members. RCI Platinum membership is offering benefits of tremendous lifestyle by which their members will be able to use it and enjoy in different ways.

As same as vacation exchange inventor, RCI always looks for developing new products and innovative ideas. Due to these ideas and products, RCI members will get new and best experiences and increased expectations of their resorts affiliates.

The RCI Platinum membership brings tremendous new profits to their most popular RCI program. They are excited for continuing delivering what their members inquire for with various lifestyle benefits and inventive enhancements that they will continue to erect and inflate going frontward.

RCI Platinum will be start initially in US and roll out to “timeshare owners” in different regions afterward this year. There are different RCI resorts reviews according to different people.

RCI Subscribing Member Benefits

Here are many RCI resorts benefits as:

  • Extra Holidays Getaways It provides facility of enjoying holidays without deposit money in a week. There are some special offers for two remembers as they can take advantage of staying at theses resorts for a week, last minute or for spending long weekend at best rates of RCI holiday rentals.
  • RCI Cruise– you can exchange your timesharing week for analogous sail holidays or keep that week and buy cruise holidays at special rates that are only applicable and valid for members of RCI.
  • Elite Rewards- Credit Card – It is an option for you to enrolment of your credit card but this program allows people to earn rewards on everyday buying on both types of times as on vacation time and off vacation time. If people want to exchange their rewards for dining, gift certificates and membership services and fees.
  • Guest Certificates– If you want to give gift to your family members, friends then you can give them RCI vacations, and they will never forget this wonderful gift. Members can buy “Guest Certificates” for small charge plus cost of exchange or holiday rental.
  • RCI Points - In 2000, company piloted is world's first exchange system company that relies on points-based exchange. This company allows owners to buy points, which can use for vacations up-gradations, to buy airlines tickets or banked for further use in future. It is beneficial for those members who hoard enough points because with this facility they can are able to exchange those points for RCI Weeks Holidays.
  • Vacation Protection – It is helpful for your at the in that case when you have cancelled your holidays exchange due to ant reason. With this facility of service, you will not lose your week.
  • RCI Travel – This agency is beneficial to you because it makes all schedule activities and travel arrangements to enjoy your resort holidays. If you are member of this resort then you are able to receive various discounts on car rentals, airfare and much more.